Why OhioHealthy?

Smart employers are seeking smart healthcare solutions

OhioHealthy is a smart alternative to national health insurance carriers that brings health providers and forward-thinking employers together to design solutions that control cost and improve quality of care.

With an integrated healthcare delivery system, we are best positioned to efficiently support benefits administration, network management, care coordination and care delivery with a high level of employee satisfaction by offering employers:

  • Plan design flexibility
  • Premium and healthcare cost savings
  • Cost transparency
  • The opportunity to integrate with and/or improve existing solutions
  • A healthcare partner committed to communication and collaboration to achieve employee health goals

And our value-based program offers:

  • Guaranteed first-year savings
  • Customer service
  • Quality of care
  • Shared savings

Access to an unmatched network of care

A joint operating committee including leaders from OhioHealthy, our clinically integrated network (CIN) and your team work together to develop solutions to best meet your employees’ healthcare needs.

  • Our health plans and networks are more integrated and coordinated than leading national payers
  • We give our physicians and care managers access to the clinical and claims data that create more meaningful interactions with patients
  • Partners have priority access to physicians in the OhioHealth Group Clinically Integrated Network
  • Partners enjoy lower unit costs at OhioHealth facilities in central Ohio
  • New partners receive a minimum savings guarantee in year one

Local leadership, dynamic communities

OhioHealthy is a local solution, working with businesses in our community to bridge the gap between health systems and employers.

By bringing our health system and employers together, we can achieve optimal outcomes, improve member satisfaction and simplify benefits administration.

We personalize the healthcare experience for your employees, boosting employee health, satisfaction and productivity, and simplifying benefits administration, which minimizes expenses for a healthy bottom line.

We believe good work starts with good health. See what we can do for your business. Call (614) 566.0160.