OhioHealthy Employer Large Plans

A Healthy Option for Large Employers

OhioHealthy is the smart alternative to national health plans. We bring local healthcare providers and forward-thinking employers together to make healthcare simpler and more affordable, healthy solutions.

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OhioHealth is nationally recognized and respected for being a thought leader in issues related to health and wellness, creating the solutions that few others can offer.  As a health system, OhioHealth is committed to making healthcare simple, affordable, accessible and collaborative.  To simplify a complex system, OhioHealth—and OhioHealthy—look at healthcare from the patient and employer lens and focus on the total cost of care and how to make it affordable for the employers and their employees/plan members needing care.    

OhioHealth is here to serve Ohio’s employers and communities in locations close to home and collaborate with each employer directly to find the very best solutions. Solutions that are tailored to your workforce and your needs as an organization. 

With an OhioHealthy Plan, the Access is Extensive 

  1. Dedicated Member Advocates support with scheduling appointments, understanding claims, billing and benefits, requesting cost estimates for services and so much more. 
  2. Tools and resources support your health and wellness in person, from the comfort of home by phone through our 24/7 Nurse Advice Line and Virtual Care. 
  3. The OhioHealth Clinically Integrated Network (CIN) is a collective of OhioHealth-employed and independent providers, hospitals and facilities working together to transform healthcare in Ohio.

Why Trust us with your Employees?


Better integration OhioHealthy is designed to provide exceptional care where you need it most. Our unique integration with OhioHealth offers your employees access to quality care at substantially lower cost. Bringing provider and plan together maintains high quality care, reduces waste, and reduces cost. 


Better CostOhioHealthy provides the same quality care at a lower cost including: 

  • Lower unit, plan, out-of-pocket, outpatient and inpatient service costs at OhioHealth facilities and providers. 
  • Lower medical trend: OhioHealthy medical trend outperforms the national average. 
  • Seamlessly integration across the healthcare ecosystem, to deliver quality care at significantly less cost 


Better Access - OhioHealthy is a collective of OhioHealth Physician Group and independent providers, hospitals and facilities working together to transform healthcare in Ohio. The network includes over 70 hospitals and more than 14,000 Ohio providers including the OhioHealth Clinically Integrated Network (CIN), Central Ohio Primary Care (COPC), Nationwide Children’s Hospital and the Cleveland Clinic. 


Better Care - Physicians and hospitals in the OhioHealthy Network are rewarded for quality, efficiency, keeping people healthy, and improving the health of people with chronic conditions. Our providers work together to coordinate care and share data that helps them provide the right care at the right time. 

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