Privacy Statement

The continued privacy and confidentiality of your information is important to us. The intent of this privacy statement is to clarify our efforts and activities as they relate to Internet privacy. Changes in this policy will be posted on this page so that you will know what information is being collected and how it is being used. 

Collection of Information  

Some features offered on require you to register first. For initial member registration we request validation of information, such as member ID number, name, birth date, secret question, and password. Subsequent sign ons require entry of your username and password. This information is used to verify member identity, provide access to the Web site and its transactions, and determine specific member data to make available. If you are a member and have forgotten your password and the answer to your secret question, you may re-register on or contact a Member Advocate and request your password be reset. 

We also collect user-specific information you volunteer through electronic forms such as Request a Quote for employers or Personal Information for members. This information is used to maintain accuracy in our customer files, improve the content of, and enhance our products and services. 

Our Use of Your Information  

We do not sell, trade, rent or share your personal information to organizations outside the OhioHealthy Plan or of affiliate companies unless required to do so by legal, judicial or governmental proceedings. 

The information collected about the domain name of the server from which you are visiting is aggregated and used to determine the number of visitors to our site, sources of traffic, and other key indicators of Web site usage to create a better experience for visitors to This information does not identify you personally. 

Updating your Personal Information  

Users who need to update their personal information may do so using the secure area of the member web site. Change Contact Information will allow users to update personal information that does not require written documentation. If written documentation is required, users can contact a Member Advocate, Provider Relations or Account Representatives. 


We store a cookie -- a tiny text file -- on the user's system when they login to The cookie is required in order to establish and maintain a secure session so users can request data and conduct business transactions without having to re-enter information. Our cookie is only valid during a single connection to the servers and is not used to track user activity after leaving the Web site. 

If you choose to turn off cookies you will not be able to use the secure sections of the Web site. 


Our secure server uses SSL (secure socket layer) technology. This ensures that your personal information is encrypted or scrambled to protect data transmission. 

Your Email  

If you contact us by email, your message will be forwarded to our employees or agents best able to address your questions and concerns. Please note that email transmissions over the Internet with are not encrypted. Non-encrypted Internet email communications are not completely secure or private and may be intercepted and viewed by other Internet users, without your knowledge and permission, while in transit to us. To protect your privacy, please do not use email to communicate confidential information. You may contact us by telephone at the number provided at various locations on or, in the case of members, at the number that appears on your member ID card. 

Length of Time Personal Information is Kept  

Information is retained only as long as the person has a relationship with OhioHealthy, except for members. 

Members can sign in and view their health plan information up to 1 year from the disenroll date. Information for other constituents (such as employers, brokers and providers) is not available after the date of termination of the relationship. 

Removal of Personal Information from the Site  

In order to use certain secure sections of the Web site, registration is required. Registering on creates an account on the Web site. Users can have their accounts on the Web site deleted by contacting a Member Advocate. 

Using Secure Sections of Our Site  

Users have the option to decide whether or not to register on by supplying personal information such as member ID, full member name, part of the member social security number and other specific information. A member may opt out of using the site by not registering on the site and/or by turning off cookies. Users who register and are granted the ability to sign in will be able to:  

  • Search and Change primary care physician (PCP) 
  • View Summary of Benefits 
  • Conduct transactions such as updating contact information, view and print claims details, and authorizations 
  • Research hospital quality, conditions, treatment options, and pharmacy information. 

Users who opt not to sign in to will not be able to use the secure features available.  

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