Provider Education

Educational information related to contracting, credentialing, and access to our latest provider manuals.

Update Your Information

In order to better serve you, it is important that we have updated information about your practice.

If any information related to your practice's operations or provider roster have changed, please complete the OhioHealthy Provider Change Form and submit it to the fax number or email address shown on the form.

Provider Manual

OhioHealthy provides a number of resources for Providers to obtain information regarding membership, products, policies and procedures within our Provider Manual and Supplemental documentation.

Network Contracting and Credentialing Services

Interested in joining our network? You can contact our contract and credentialing services for more information.

Credentialing Services

Phone: (614) 566.0010

Network Documentation

Patient Information and Health Education Library

OhioHealthy's on-demand patient education library, which offers valuable information about health conditions and medications.

Member ID Cards

Download and view OhioHealthy member ID card examples.