Our Proof Points

Progress in the fight against diabetes

OhioHealthy has made significant strides in diabetes care. Participation in our OhioHealth Diabetes Prevention Program is more than 10 percent above the national average, and we have seen similar success in our OhioHealth Diabetes Management program, where 37 percent of participants showed improvements in blood pressure and 81 percent improved their A1c level.

Success stories for members engaged our programs often sound like this:

A 58 year-old member with Type 2 diabetes and an A1c level of 10.4 was unsuccessful in changing his lifestyle. Since his engagement with an OhioHealthy care manager, he has:

  • Lowered his A1c level
  • Made progress in a care plan with three health goals
  • Kept all scheduled appointments
  • Improved his dietary and exercise habits
  • Regularly taken his blood glucose readings, and called his OhioHealthy care manager after each scheduled visit with his primary care doctor

As OhioHealthy becomes more engaged with your employees, we can help lower medical expense trends and improve health outcomes, keeping premiums affordable and enhancing workforce productivity. And through custom plan designs and marketing materials, we can guide your employees to seek more affordable care options at OhioHealth.