Why OhioHealthy

More than ten years ago, OhioHealth launched a health plan for our associates and dependents with a commitment to improving overall health and wellness.

We’ve learned and accomplished a great deal from working with our 36,000 plan members:

  • We developed our own prevention and wellness programs, managed our own provider networks, recruited experts in population health, made significant investment is data analytics and implemented incentives for our population.
  • We created a Clinically Integrated Network where physicians with access to enhanced patient data reduce the fragmentation of care, and are rewarded for improving quality and lowering cost.

Introducing OhioHealthy

OhioHealth is now prepared to partner with employers and help manage their employee healthcare cost by making care more simple, accessible and affordable.

  • OhioHealth formed a joint venture with Sentara Healthcare of Virginia, another large healthcare system. We pooled our capabilities to manage populations and manage risk.
  • Together, we created a new company:
    • OhioHealthy is a health plan administration services company for self-insured employers.
    • OhioHealthy offers a value-based program designed to lower the cost of care with guaranteed savings.
    • Our personalized approach gives employees access to the best care while offering a level of service that can only come from a local partner.

Our Network

Our network of OhioHealth care sites and healthcare providers work together to deliver exceptional care, improve quality and health outcomes, and lower cost.

Through our health information systems, our physicians have access to important data to help our members prevent disease and stay healthy.

  • Doctors and hospitals are rewarded for keeping people healthy, and improving the health of people with chronic conditions which creates a win/win for employers, employees and the physicians.
  • OhioHealthy sits between the physician and the employer to facilitate collaboration, assist with plan design and provide structure around analytics and reporting.

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