OhioHealthy, More Than Insurance

Simple. Affordable. Convenient.

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OhioHealthy - Your new option for healthcare coverage.

Simple- Affordable- Convenient

OhioHealthy is more than insurance.

It's expert physicians in your community, affordable care for your family and member advocates who support you every step of the way.

OhioHealthy has you covered!

  • With a network of care sites and healthcare providers, close to where you live and work.
  • 24/7 advice from licensed nurses, care managers and education programs that help you optimize your health.
  • Online management of your claims and medical information.
  • Preventive services and wellness tools designed to help you stay healthy.
  • A treatment cost calculator to estimate your out-of-pocket costs for routine visits, medical tests and non-emergency care.

“Healthcare is difficult, so my job as a member advocate is to help them walk through their options and concerns to make their life more simple. The members can call us or email us, or in-person visit and we can help them with anything they need.” – Breanne, OhioHealthy Member Advocate

Compared to other national carriers, OhioHealthy plan members receive a cost savings when using OhioHealth facilities. To verify you should always check the treatment cost calculator.

“I was looking for coverage from a dermatologist, and had to ask if the person was in-network and they very quickly determined that the individual was in-network. I very frequently, go to them when I have a question. Whether it's about provider in-network, or a typical service and is it covered, and how much is it covered, and how much will it impact me. Each and every time I get an answer.” – Mike, OhioHealthy Plan Member

Many employers offer a premium and co-insurance cost savings, when an employee chooses a Clinically Integrated Network physician. Check with your employer to see.

“The Clinically Integrated Network with think is a huge strength of the OhioHealthy Plan. The reason for that we are really constructing that network to be made up of the highest value providers. So those people who provide the highest quality at the lowest cost and making sure that their folks are committed to providing easily accessible and affordable care to all of those folks who have OhioHealthy as their insurance plan.” – Jim O’Brien, MD, OhioHealth Clinically Integrated Network

At OhioHealthy, we are as passionate about healthy living as we are about healthcare.

Our tools and resources make your care simple, affordable and convenient.

Because we believe, better health should always be within your reach.

To learn more visit OhioHealthyPlans.com .


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