Our Difference

Give your employees the health plan they deserve, from a provider they trust.

Many employers prepare for an increase in healthcare costs annually, but we think that’s an unsustainable approach to an unsustainable problem.

At OhioHealthy, we’re doing something different. Our objective is to generate a meaningful savings for employers through a 7% to 10% reduction in their central Ohio claims cost.

The OhioHealthy Difference

  • We are a provider-owned health plan. Because we are integrated with the healthcare delivery system, we can make your costs clearer and lower, and offer you more efficient administration and coordinated care.
  • We collaborate with you. We work directly with employers to understand the clinical needs of your workforce and establish care plans to improve the health of your employees and lower overall costs.
  • We offer a clinically integrated network within our broad network. Physicians are rewarded for their performance on patient satisfaction and quality of care, ensuring that service isn’t sacrificed for care efficiencies.
  • We partner with your employees. These days, exceptional customer service is hard to find. That’s exactly what our Member Advocates strive to provide. Over the phone or at your workplace, your employees have help navigating their benefits and their care when it’s convenient for them.

And when we tell employers how much we can save them and their employees, they find it hard to believe. But we can prove it. Let us show you.