Better health? It’s now within reach.

At OhioHealthy, we make it easier for members to become active partners in their healthcare. And the benefits are clear.

How we help members achieve their best health.

OhioHealthy emphasizes personalized care coordination with plan members. Here are just a few of the ways we do that.

Care Management Team

OhioHealthy has established a care management team comprised of registered nurse care managers, pharmacists, social workers, behaviorists, dietitians, and health coaches. Members of this team proactively engage your employees with valuable tools and resources to help promote better health and healthcare.

The team connects members with our robust clinical care programs, which include:

  • Population health management: Engaging members to promote wellness goals, navigate the healthcare system, and close care gaps.
  • Disease management: Care management services to help manage chronic diseases, including working with the member’s medical team to develop a plan of care, support changes in lifestyle, diminish barriers, and promote preventive health practices.

Member Advocates

These professionals support OhioHealthy members throughout their care journey when they need it most, such as:

  • Scheduling appointments
  • Understanding claims, billing, and benefits
  • Requesting cost estimates for common services

Nurse Advice Line

Members have free, 24/7 access to a licensed nurse by phone to ask healthcare questions and determine next steps for care.

Secure Member Portal

We offer all members a fully functional, web-based portal where they can learn more about your plan, find participating doctors and facilities, check costs for services, and access virtually everything they need to manage their health benefits.


Members can visit with their provider from the comfort of their own home by phone or video using their smartphone, tablet, or computer. Doctors in every medical specialty – including primary care, cancer, cardiology, sports medicine, and neurology—can expertly treat patients through convenient telehealth visits.

OhioHealthy offers 24/7 access to a national network of on-demand providers through our partnership with Teladoc. Board certified physicians provide non-emergency medical care over the phone, through the Teladoc app, or via the Teladoc website. Visit or call 1.800.Teladoc (1.800.835.2362) to get started.

Treatment Cost Calculator

The Treatment Cost Calculator helps members estimate any out-of-pocket costs for routine visits, medical tests, and non-emergency care.

Welcome to Better Healthcare

OhioHealth built a better health plan. That may be why 95% of OhioHealthy members indicated they would recommend the health plan to a friend or family member.1

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1. OhioHealthy Post Call Member Services Survey 2021.