About OhioHealthy

Supporting Good Health

OhioHealthy is based on a transformative relationship between self-insured employers and healthcare providers that achieves optimal health outcomes, improves member satisfaction and simplifies benefit administration. As a value-based care program, we offer well care, not just sick care, striving to keep people healthy and improve the health of people with chronic conditions.

Our network of hospitals, facilities, payers and providers — including nearly 5,000 physicians — work together to transform healthcare across 30 counties. Our members also have access to a national network of providers and hospitals in all 50 states.

Making Insurance Easier

Healthcare doesn’t have to be confusing. Our local, dedicated member advocates solve our members’ biggest healthcare questions and concerns, proactively linking them to programs and resources they need to achieve their best health.


At OhioHealthy, we are committed to providing members with quality, cost-effective healthcare. Whether you’re choosing a health plan for your employees or your family, we are confident you will find coverage that is right for you. Learn how you can benefit from your plan.

Our Pledge

Helping you take care of yourself and your loved ones is our guiding mission. You’ll see our commitment to this in the variety of innovative preventative and wellness programs we sponsor. This same dedication is also echoed in the proactive, caring manner that characterizes our member advocate team and philosophy. Simply put, we’re passionate about your health.

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You may contact us by email, phone, or mail.