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  • How do I become appointed/licensed to sell OhioHealthy products?

    OhioHealthy Insurance Company requires that all Agents/Brokers and Agencies be appointed before the release of any marketing materials, proposal quotes, or information regarding new and existing business. Appointments with OhioHealthy Life Insurance Company are not guaranteed. Interested brokers can start the appointment process by completing the OhioHealthy Broker Appointment Process. All requests are subject to review and approval of designated OhioHealthy Life Insurance Company management. Contact Us for more information.

  • What products do you offer?

    OhioHealthy offers a full suite of commercial products including consumer-driven, employee-owned, and employer-sponsored plans.

    • Plans for Small Businesses: Small businesses are defined as companies with 2 to 50 eligible employees. Our standard plans listed above are available with a range of coverage levels, deductibles, and copays. OhioHealthy eBroker empowers small group brokers with the tools they need to manage OhioHealthy small group business.


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  • What is your commission schedule?

    OhioHealthy will pay commission to any broker who is appointed with OhioHealthy, in good standing with the Bureau of Insurance and is designated as the agent or broker of record by an employer group. For more information refer to OhioHealthy’s Broker Guide or contact your general agent.

  • How can I get marketing materials?

    Many of our broker marketing resources are available online. Appointed small group brokers can use eBroker or contact their general agent to secure marketing materials. Due to the unique nature of large group sales, large group brokers may obtain marketing materials from their OhioHealthy account representative.

Release of Information

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  • What is a release of information and why is it required?

    Federal and state privacy laws require us to obtain a Release of Information/Authorization of Designated Agent form whenever anyone other than the member needs to obtain and/or change the member’s health information. This form must be signed, witnessed and returned in order for it to be in effect.


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  • What is eBroker?

    eBroker is the interactive, secure portal that enables OhioHealthy small group brokers to manage their book of business, access proposals, and stay informed about the latest issues affecting OhioHealthy and the health insurance industry. This tool will launch in November 2020.

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